Hey Friends!

I'm Autumn and here's my artist story. 

I fell in love with photography when I was 14 years old. I always wondered if I had "an eye" for it as they say, so I decided to find out and the quest for it has never stopped. A few years later, I apprenticed for a wedding photographer, Gil Martinez of Martinez Images where I learned all I know about portraiture, lighting and digital editing. Around that time, an old family friend taught me darkroom and gave me a passion for film photography which I still do today.  [Have you ever seen the image that you took emerge in the glow of a darkroom? Magic.]  

Since then, I've developed a story-telling style which has lead me to being a part of many memories. Working with me is fun and easy. In a portrait session, I interact with, pose and situate you in the ways you feel most natural and confident. At a wedding, I am organized and observant to every part of your day. Capturing a business, I am creatively involved in order to communicate your mission in a true, authentic way. In any type of collaboration, I incorporate natural light that communicates the essence of each moment. 

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope to hear from you soon!  



Photo Cred: Ryan Stadler

Photo Cred: Ryan Stadler