Mustafa Shakir

Recently, I shot bts with Amanda of AK Collective of Mustafa Shakir. He and the team were nothing short of fun and kind. I loved the collaboration and opportunity to do something so new. Also, the black and white ones at the end are from a film roll.

Weekend in Westport

Road trips with friends are the best. This weekend was no exception. We had the best time hanging by the water, eating lobster, drinking wine and adventuring to local shops. I also love and appreciate that my friends are willing lay in the flowers and to be my muses. After all this time, I still feel like there's a gap and such a distance to the work I want to be making and sharing but I'm determined to celebrate the process (and be present) in the mean time. 

Portrait Session: Didrik

I love taking photos of my friends, especially when the photoshoots include their dogs, beautiful plants and a fresh cup of coffee. Here's a sampling of a shoot with Didrik and his adorable little dog Signe. (Yes, we took a shave break so Didrik could have headshot options of both looks. Such a difference, right?!) What a perfect Saturday morning. 

Fall Film 2017

This year, I've shot 1-2 rolls of film every season and I love encountering this sort-of time capsule every few weeks. Here's a little recap of a day in Greenpoint, Bkln, Central Park with my friend Amanda and her little boy Jevon and a few snaps from downtown Minneapolis.  

NY Woman: Sara McDonald

I took the summer off from my NY Woman project but I'm thrilled to jump back into it, presenting Sara McDonald; creator of The NYChillharmonic. She is a brilliant jazz composer and I've been in awe ever since I saw her 20+ member jazz band perform a few years ago. Like damn. She was so gracious and let me photograph her in her stylish Brooklyn apartment. I loved learning more about her background and journey to where she is now. As always, the challenge of working in small or uniquely colored spaces is the best. Give me a pepto bismol colored staircase and I'll give you this: 

Allen + Stef Wedding // Dartmouth, MA

Allen and Stef's wedding was fun, unique and intimate. Everything about it reflected the things most important in their lives; a short and sweet ceremony under a stunning oak tree, an amazing clam bake dinner, homemade pies, beer from the local brewery, dancing and simply being together with their closest friends and family. There's something very special in traveling to a destination celebration with fun-loving people committed to making every moment the best. 

The Amaro Families

The hardest thing for me to say goodbye to with the turning of Summer to Fall is parting from these faces. I don't get to go home very often but every time I do, I have a photo session with the kids, my sisters and their husbands and this time it was with a new little nephew to pose with. I've loved photographing my family over the years. They are the ones I feel most confident, safe and spontaneous with and I do my best to treat other clients and friends with the same uninhibited freedom for that's when I create my best work. 

Street Photography in The Village

Two things have inspired me to embrace the wandering I do in the city.

The book Flaneuse by Lauren Elkin // I always felt like I was wasting time wandering aimlessly through my favorite neighborhoods, feeling like there are other, more productive things I should be doing. But this book gave me permission to participate in and embrace this activity that has inspired many woman to write and take beautiful photos like --

Street photographer, Paola M. Frankqui // I never really thought of myself as a street photographer (or seriously tried to be one) but I ventured out and am thrilled to have had such a beautiful night on which to start this photography practice. 

Thanksgiving in Richmond

One reason that I love Friendsgivings (other than avoiding my own delightful family awkwardness), is seizing the opportunity to road, visit faraway familiar faces and experience a new charming city. Last Thanksgiving, I visited my friend Morgan in Richmond, VA and was delighted to find warmer-than-New-York weather and a fall that extends as long as the calendar date. It felt like how Thanksgivings should be. Here are some photos from our adventure day around town. 

2016 Halloween Party

In the start of this Thanksgiving week, I am thankful for wonderful friends and the fun memories we made this year. Here are some highlights from our progressive dinner Halloween party. These dinners are so much fun, especially on an unexpectedly warm Halloween night. This years costumes were so fun too. And no party is complete without a little baby chicken! 

Jordan Matter Book Release Party // Rizzoli's Bookstore

On an abnormally warm fall day, anticipating guests trickled into the rear of the charming Rizzoli bookstore in NoMad Manhattan. Many attendees consisted of the dancers within book as well as non-dancer admirers, all were in anticipation of the artist talk and the opportunity to have their very own book copy signed by the creator of Dancers After Dark. 

See the Behind the Scenes video here.

This was my third time seeing or meeting Jordan in person and the release of this book in particular was especially exciting. I had met Jordan almost two years ago at a previous art show. I had just moved to New York and I had admired his work long before I had arrived. Photos from this project began to be released as they were photographed around notable places of the city and beyond. It was very cool to follow his work along with discovering increasingly familiar places to myself. As I got to know this town better, I recognized more and more of those images. I felt excited knowing he had used New York as his canvas on which to display his brainchild with all of the incredibly talented and dedicated dancers.

I think that what draws people to his work is the fact that, while not all of us are dancers, there is a reliability to the messages he sends; everyone has a dancer inside of them and we are created to follow our dreams. His thought behind photographing naked dancers in rough cityscapes is to display a contrast of vulnerability and rawness against a harsh, unknown, dark and sometimes unwelcoming city. Pairing the two creates powerful images which inspire and move the viewer to hopefully experience empathy, hope, love and empowerment. 

As a photographer, I am inspired by Jordan to search for a vision and to work hard, relentlessly to achieve it. As he jokingly boasts of zero arrests throughout the process he proves that anything is possible despite threats and obstacles to achieving your goals. Creating beautiful work is not only for your benefit but also for those who desire to be a part of it; those who desire to promote something greater than themselves to inspire and encourage other dancers - or artists of all kinds. 

A Trip to Tarrytown

Besides being in bed with a good book, what could be better than a trip to upstate New York on a rainy fall day? Just 45 minutes north of Harlem Tarrytown is a couple stops off the Metro-North Railroad. It is a charming little town that is very reminiscent of Stillwater MN. After a quick walk up to Main Street, you find yourself surrounded by darling storefronts drawn right from a storybook. It has just about everything you'd want in a small town; multiple coffeeshops, a vintage consignment store, ice cream shop, a post office, library and even a yarn store. What a perfect getaway to see some changing leaves and be inspired by the peace and quiet.