A Lifelong Friendship

This day was perhaps one of the sweetest documentation experiences I've ever experienced. My Grandma's wish during her east coast trip was to visit her sister-in-law and friend Ruth, on Long Island. Despite threatening dementia, the loss of spouses, and the thief of time, the reunion of two friends with a lifelong of memories was precious beyond words as they sang and chatted the day away. 


This Year's "Reflections"

Welcome to my new blog hosted on my website! You may have been following me on wordpress blog. Due to size and space issues, I've decided to start over here. I'll be bringing some images back from old posts for an occasional TBT as I move forward.

I've been a freelance photographer for nine months now and it's incredible to look back and see that I've done roughly 50 photoshoots this year - some paid, some not. In every one though, I've found joy in creating artistic documentation of memories. As I look back on 2015, I am blessed and blown away at the places I've been and people I've met because of photography. It is with much hope and anticipation I welcome the new year with all of it's lessons and successes to be had through increased curiosity, faith and bravery. 

Since one rarely sees the photographer, here are some of my "reflections" of the year. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!